Gods in Indian Temples

Abhishekam for Karyasiddhi Hanuman

Andal at Srivilliputhur Divya Desam temple , Srivilliputtur..

Ashta Laksmis around the Dwajasthamba at Shree Balaji Temple at Goa

Golden Vishnu

Hare Krishna
Hanuman statue at Kashi Ashram

Hanuman Idol in Silver

Hindu Monastery in Kauai,Hawaii

Hindu Temple ,Singapore

Mukambika devi

Shakambari Alankaram

Sri Lakshmi Narasimha

Stone statue of five aspects of Hindu goddess, Meenakshi-Sundareshwarar Temple, Maduari, Tamil Nadu state, India

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Eddie Luster said...

Hello Ashok Bachu! This is Eddie Luster and I think your photos are brilliant and beautiful so I wanted to ask you if I could use them in a video project that I am working on. I know it is better to ask you for permission than just to take them off of Google or anything else of that nature. You can reach me at cosmicchief777@gmail.com, thanks.